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Saravanan and Sathish Advocates Office is one of the leading Law firms in India. Moreover, We have our administrative head office in Chennai at Tamilnadu. As a matter of fact, Our law firm have associates to provide legal services. Yes, It extends in almost all the courts in all the districts of TN.

Ironically, Lawyers in our Team serve for the following :

  • Corporate.
  • Associations.
  • Societies.
  • Trusts.
  • Individuals.
  • Educational institutions.
  • NGO
  • Multinational companies.
  • Family

Best Legal Consultants in India

Another key point is We are an Indian Legal Consultancy firm located in Chennai. Mainly, Our Lawyers practice Civil law involving discrimination that infringe on liberties & rights. On the other hand, Those are education, expression, housing, employment, or different entitlements. It never stops to astound you about cases. ie., what number of criminal cases in Chennai go to a supplication deal without a lawyer.

At last, as a rule you will get notification from a litigant. In my opinion, It is exactly how troubled they are with the procedure and the manner of the case. Obviously contracting a lawyer become easy here. Most of all it is in view of the fees related for a lawyer or legal advisor. Typically you must get feedback of clients of their past experience which must be a positive one. Finally, One must hire an advocate or legal consultant and simplfy the litigation. And also, the charges must be nominal.

Vakil in Chennai

Vakils in our legal team generally offer various Law solution. Hence Persons who have burden can leave all to our Lawyer firm in Chennai. Above all, We’ll take care of all your dispute head aches.
For genuine accusations, it is uncommon to get a failure. Respondent get benfit by counseling with a Chennai Criminal Defense Attorney. In the first place, Criminal Defense Lawyer in our Law firm are good here. They ought to have the capacity to recognize imperative pretrial issues. And They disclose it to you in a way that you are never unware of present circumstances. Our lawyer will disclose the whole procedure to you. At any point it is most likely for you to get all the details and copy of those documents to get a second opinion. This is the reason the legal procedure in our law firm will be very easy and not a critical in the first place. Call our lawyer for any doubt.

Lawyers in Retainer-ship basis Services

We offer Litigation & consultation in Retainer-ship basis for the following sectors :

  • Large scale Industries.
  • Small scale Factories.
  • Tiny Sectors.
  • Cottage Industry.
  • Individual persons.

When an Individual or a Business firm is affected by a legal problem you should never ignore. In spite of that the legal problem may be due is due to his partner or his own brother. In the same way, they must not hesitate to visit a Law firm.

Top Law firm for Litigation Services

Usually, the Cases in Civil and criminal nature is the main branch of our practices. Furthermore By offering legal services since 1996, we are popular in the following courts.

  • Madras High court.
  • District courts.
  • Magistrate courts.
  • Green Tribunal.
  • Consumer forum.
  • Debt recovery Tribunal
  • Debt recovery appellate tribunal
  • Special TNPID Court
  • all other sub-ordinate courts in Tamilnadu.
Attorneys for best Legal dispute Resolution

All above, Our Attorneys have vast experience in handing legal problems of our clients. We’ve solved the issues in Supreme court, Madras High Court and other Subordinate courts.

Strong senior lawyer’s assistance will not cost high; You have good chance to get around that. Of-Course it is worth to taking care of meeting the District Attorney by yourself instead of sending your staff. So, Now you can find that chennai lawyer or madras legal advisor that is going to both fit your financial plan and give you the portrayal that you merit. Initially, begin off with the interview. One must meet their attorney in person and after that they must fix up the fees. Once every thing is finalized, you must provide all set of documents of the case.

Search a good attorney in Chennai

First, one must approach a lawyer for amicable settlement. The most ideal approach to settle on a choice in the matter with a help of a lawyer. For instance a basic petty criminal offense versus a criminal allegation like abusive behavior at home, on account of the criminal traffic offense, this may be a situation where you would consult with the Chennai District Attorney.

Law Firms

Our Legal office is one among the Top 10 Law firms in India in particular. Thus Our Team of Attorney in Chennai offer best Litigation service for all Legal dispute. Mostly they are in both Criminal side as well as Civil Side. (Those Includes Company Laws and Property Laws)

First of all, solve your legal issues. In Particular, Any body can contact Our Law firm between 10.00 am to 8.00 pm (Week days). Saturday – 10.00 am to 5.30 Pm.
In short, Our lawyers in Chennai handle all Legal issues in Public Sector. Moreover Our office resolve all type of Business conspiracies in Private sector. At the same time, Administrative fraud is a threat for a common man . Here our advocate firm we take care of all white-collar frauds happening in your work place. Also, our senior counsels give the best legal consultancy for Health abuses. In any case, Our Law firm in Chennai is expert in litigation on Drug trafficking cases too.

Contact Address of Chennai Lawyers

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Call : +91-9994287060, 6381455675

In summary, Attorneys in our firm provide best services for all types of Issues. At any rate, One can get these problems solved by our Court proceedings. At this point, Troubles are not permanent. To be sure, approach our law firm legal consultants to solve your dipsutes today. As a result of Postponing the issues will lead to increase the severiety in sum. Contact us for the best litigation services in Tamilnadu.

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