NDPS – Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985

NDPS – Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985

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Crimes involve dealing drugs is a significant offense as per NDPS Act in India. Perhaps, If you have got been suspect of any level of a drug crime, it’s vital to speak to a NDPS Counsel. Moreover, He must be specialist in tough drug crime Law professional. In fact, The penalties that drug crimes carry will be severe reckoning. It is mostly based on the circumstances that surround the offense. Thus it’s vital to talk with Legal professional to form positive in your NDPS case. Finally, He will avoid severe charges under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

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In NDPS, The least charges for these are also strict. However, Senior counsels will protect all your rights to revere charges by legal remedy. Drug charges vary reckoning on the character of offense. Hence, There penalties are for possession, possession of gear, narcotraffic and drug producing. Lastly also the sale or the transportation of smuggled medication.

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Severe actions are sure if police discover any of those drugs at School and colleges. Of-course, These are mainly a Tobacco free zones. It Affect Most of the times while inhabit kids in a college, a playground, or a day-care facility. Additionally, if a toddler was gift for sale and manufacture severe action will await.  In Transportation & smuggle medication, the severity of the implications for these actions increase. Are you facing a possession charge, the kind of drug and also the quantity of the drug ?.

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Surely, If it is got it on at the time of your arrest play an oversize deciding role within the charges brought against you. As a result, Under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, in Chennai, Tamilnadu it is offense. Marijuana or opium poppy or any cannabis are non bailable offence if an individual is carrying it. this refers to any other  narcotic drug or psychotropic substance under this act.

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If an individual is caught carrying quite narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, the charge under NDPS Act will become a crime. The penalties are going to be bigger, If there’s intent to sell or distribute the marijuana, . moreover, if a minor is gift, again, the penalties are going to be increased. If you’re in possession of a drug aside from marijuana, again and again the charge begins at crime, rather than offence notwithstanding you’re in possession of but a gram. As you’ll be able to see, there many alternative variables encompassing drug crime charges, associated an professional would possibly play a significant role in your unleash, or reduced sentence.

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The penalties have relation to drug crimes will be long lasting. Reckoning on if have charge with a offence or a crime offense, you’ll be able to face jail. Similarly Jail time, fines, community service, time spent at alcohol and drug treatment centers. You will face necessary alcohol and drug education category punishments. There also are consequences once you serve time, or complete treatment. It is there if the drug offense remains on your record.

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Best Advocates

Best Advocates

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As a matter of fact, Just reveal the entire story to your Advocates. In Madras high court, firstly you must contact your Attorney. Let him know or her beginning to end to sort out the issue with your case.  Moreover furnish him or her with each report. Above all, Reveal Even those certain things and points of interest that are bad to your case.

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Getting the best out of our advocates in Chennai

Saravanan and Sathish Advocates in Chennai are expert lawyers in chennai. They filter and deal with the data you give. Of course, they figure out what data is valuable for your case and what isn’t. Each reality and point of interest could be always better to your case. In fact, Truths which may not appear to be imperative to you might have genuine lawful results. Of-Course, Senior Advocate will have the capacity to make use of an actuality or a report. Don’t bother about your belief. This is the premise for an innovative lawful contention. What’s more, if something may hurt your case, your attorney will have a lot of time to get ready guarded moves.

Solicitors in Chennai

React fastly : This variable alone will harm the relationship with your Vakil. At Chennai, This will quite often hurt your case if your reaction is of a reckless nature. Attorneys often need to work under tight due dates. Your brief reaction to your  Advocate’s solicitations will safeguard those due dates. Just make your case streaming with ease. Your brief will likewise give your Attorney enough time to analyze your data. This is to make better set up his or her next step. In the event that you are not ready to react rapidly for some reason, let your attorney know instantly. Your Attorney will have the capacity to get an augmentation of time from your rival or the court. This is to revise different matters to oblige the deferral.

Leave your all problems to your Vakil in Chennai

To Collaborate. : – Over the span of your case, your Chennai Advocate will approach you for specific archives. By all means, You will reach certain goal specific to your claim. Rather don’t make your Attorney to chase down those points of interest. that is to say, You must recall that you’re the person who embrace this legal activity. In many occasions you have much less access to the data important to your case than any one else. In other words, Join with your Chennai Advocate in social affair. Here it is the point of interest for winning your case. In any case, You cannot just help your own self. Yet you must make your Advocate to invest less energy. Of course, This will decrease your lawful expense.

At a start of a claim, your Advocate at Chennai might request that you record an outline of occasions paving the way to the claim. Ensure that what you compose is to a great degree precise – just known realities. Saravanan and Sathish Advocates firm attorney will construct your cases and offering guards in light of this data.

Fees of Advocates in Chennai

Readiness – never forget to pay fees to your lawyers. Better set you up are, less cash your lawful matter will cost you. There are certain things to do When you meet your Attorney. You must provide nitty gritty notes plotting your issue or addresses. Give him copies of all reports, letters and other mails or letters with your case too. Likewise, Provide your attorney with all names, addresses, and phone of persons. This will keep away from superfluous postponements. Be as brief as much as you can in all meetings with your Advocate in India and stick to business. At any rate, you will incur charges for calls and gatherings, mingling gets costly.

Donot hide any facts to Advocates

Keep Your Attorney Educated – Your Attorney can work just with the data that you give him or her. The main issue is the Inability to keep your attorney upgraded with data. Those may be about any new improvements applicable to your case can be shocking to your last result. Tell your Chennai Advocate about changes or new data that may influence your case. On the same note, keeping down data can also keep your Attorney from getting your coveted results. That is the reason. It is critical for you to be honest and complete about the certainties of your circumstance.

Legal Consultants Time

Keep Your Timetable Adaptable. – There are sure lawful occasions in which you should take an interest. All the time these occasions one must book appointment weeks or even months ahead of hearing. The majority of these occasions can be such that to suit your timetable. To make sure, if your attorney knows ahead of time. Be that as it may, be to change your plan in the event. In light of the fact, a judge might demand holding the hearing whether your timetable allows or not.

Different Focuses of Saravanan and Sathish Advocates

Another key point is your attorney’s lawful urging is chief here. At the point when a lawyer gives legal help, the lawyer might be at risk. There may be lack of papers or wrong documents which isn’t right. So, lawyers are reluctant to give legal counsel and open towards risk without first check. They consider the most current lawful certainties. What’s more, that requires significant investment. That is the reason they charge an expense for legal aid. In light of the fact that they give you truths and not a feeling. So Chennai Advocates in our firm gives you lawful guidance first. It will be applicable to your legitimate issue, you better catch up on it in light of the fact that it’s a genuine one.

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One may not be able to solve many legal issues in ease. We live in an intricate society with a complex legal framework. So on the off chance that you don’t follow things as your Advocate in Chennai do. Don’t take it as is. Clarify those issues. You have to request that your Chennai Lawyer clarify it with a non-lawful language.

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Esteem your lawyer’s chance. Abstain from calling over and over about each inquiry that goes ahead your brain. As a matter of first importance you will pay for the time spent on the telephone. Second, Advocates in Chennai has more clients who need low fee as well. Along these lines, it would be to your greatest gain and more savvy to pose a few questions at once. For instance, It is wrong to calling every time an inquiry emerges. For sure, don’t hold up to call your Chennai Advocate if your inquiry is prime. To the point it will impact your case.

Chennai Advocates for High Court

Stay away from legal verbal confrontation.
In some cases you may feel nervous. Our Chennai Advocate will take care of your lawful issue. It will be the way you think. You can get ideas how he approaches the issue. Their strategy will clear and you must find it in right way. In any case, on the off chance that you truly should connect with into a verbal confrontation. In light of the fact that you’re sure that you know it better, check the truths before you begin the examination. You must not humiliate yourself when your Chennai Advocate tells you off-base. Chennai Advocates have broad lawful preparing. Their activities some of the time might appear to be strange to you. They might be only the right move for acquiring positive results for your legal issue.

Senior Advocates from the Best Lawyers Firm

Appreciation your Attorney’s pride. One basic trademark amongst all Attorneys is their solid pride. That accompanies their calling. Now and then it might feel this pride verges on presumption or conceit. Perhaps so. Be that as it may, so what? , this component might win your case. It gives Attorneys more certainty. This is regardless of the fact that they do not have the experience. Along these lines, approach our Attorney with deference. We will do more than their absolute best to get you results.

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Your Attorney is an expert. In that capacity, address your Attorney. Contact him and get details as documents or oral. You’ll improve results. For an illustration, which of these two sentences do you think would show signs of improvement reaction by your Chennai Advocate? “We have to talk at this moment in light of the fact that my case is not moving the way I need and I need to see what you’re doing incorrectly. Or “I would say yes in the event that we could plan 30 minutes of your good time to examine the present process of plan of my case.” You get the point.

Corporate Advocates in Chennai

Impart your goal. Tell your Chennai Advocate what your desires are from your legal matter. On the off chance that you convey hazy picture to your Chennai Advocate. They wouldn’t know how to set the “Hypothesis of the Case.” This is the first and most crucial step that will bolster each series of the trial. Your Chennai Advocate needs to know what your case is about and set up your last goal in like manner

  • Be on schedule for action, whether in court or for anything bring in your case.
  • Quiet and get a fix on that lawful issues need time and inquire about.
  • React to your Attorney’s query and telephone calls.
  • And pay your legal expenses as agreed in the fees plan.

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Appellate Lawyers

Appellate Lawyers

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Appellate Attorneys for Appeals

LAWYERS of Magistrate courts will fight for your rights initially. Mainly You have to be careful when unfortunate failure occurs in lower courts. In fact Choosing an Appellate Advocate for appeals is a crucial one. Saravvanan Rajendran Advocates in Chennai are experts in High court and supreme court appeals.

Appellate Lawyers from the popular Law firm in Chennai

Senior Appellate Lawyers for appeals in High court

Firstly Our team of legal professionals are ideal attorneys to get justice in High court. Moreover Civil side practicing lawyers in our firm at Chennai are well known in Madras high court. Of-Course, Trouble will end by just contacting our Appellate Lawyers. Most of all, Criminal Advocates in our law office ensure to protect you from all Charges.

Best Advocates for appeals

Appellate Lawyers are knowledgeable in addition to crack any type of case. Hence Our legal consultants for appeals are capable of Resolving of tough legal issue. So then Our Law firm lawyers in Chennai help by providing quick legal solution. Compensation or remedy is achievable by appeals. Thus We deliver best results in High court appeals. Above all Our Team of Senior Advocates posses unique specialties which are rare.

Counsels for High Court Appeals from Popular Law Firm

Advocates in appeals will work for the right justice and legal remedy. In Short Our Law firm is not at all for profitable figures. In summary We adopt new options to make the appeals successful. Every case is  equally treated whether it is small or big. We do not consider and work depend upon the consultation fees.

Contact Numbers of Appellate Lawyers 

Call : +91-9994287060

Where to find the Names of Senior high court Lawyers ?. They will be available in high page ranking web portals. Our Law firm contact is available in most of the websites. Especially they are lawyers directory or listing.

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POCSO Act-Protection of Children from Sexual Offences

POCSO Act-Protection of Children from Sexual Offences

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POCSO Act came into effect in 2012. Firstly, Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act is to eradicate sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children in India. In fact, Our Law firm offers excellent legal services for these type of crimes in Chennai.

POCSO Advocates in Chennai

Most of all, Our Lawyers provide services regarding sexual abuse of children. Above all, Child Exploitation is increasing even in the educated society. We support our clients legally in this regard.

Saravanan and Sathish Advocates is the Top Law firm for Protection of Children from Sexual Offences

Lawyers for Protection of Children from Sexual Offences

The Victims of Abuse sexually are not just like victim of SEXUAL ADULTERY. By the way, These children became worst mentally. In any case, The future of these children is vital. Society must protect it too. At this point, Justice should be obtained for these victims. Our Law firm counsels are well versed in these type of legal issues. You can find the status of Pending Cases in http://courtnic.nic.in/ at Chennai

Advocates for POCSO ACT in Chennai for Sexual Harassment

Please fill in the below form to send a message to the Advocates of our law firm for Legal support in India.

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 came into effect on 19th June 2012 by the President’s assent. Thereafter on 20th day of the month of June in the year 2012, it was notified in the Gazette of India.
In Few Cases, good people too are victims of fake cases of Child sexual abuse Act.  This may be due to Due to a personal vengeance of their neighbors or Colleagues. By and large, attorneys at our law firm protect the rights of the accused in these fake Children Sexual abuse protection Cases of Pocso.

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Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights

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Intellectual property rights in India

Rajendra Law office deals firstly with Intellectual Property rights. It is popularly referred as IPR. Mainly, it is much essential to prepare yourself with the right advocates advice. Indeed, Our Law firm Lawyers are specialists in IPR. Most of all, We will offer the best services of intellectual property Rights in India.

Law firms for IPR

Expertize in IPR is furthermore must to handle this field easily. Moreover, One will find difficult if your attorney do not have rich legal knowledge. He may be a genius too to invent new things for this world. In fact, Only an expert intellectual property rights adviser can assure Perfect protection for innovative creation.

A great brilliant person who invented an innovative product also have to approach a good law firm.  Contact IPR Lawyer in addition to protect their Intellectual property rights.

Best Intellectual Property Law firm in Chennai

Find the Best Intellectual Property Law firm always to ensure the peace of mind. From the beginning to the end of the deal, one must have an experienced attorney to handle IPR problems. Our IPR Advocates provide wide range of legal services to protect  Our client’s rights. Most of all, we will take legal action against the Intellectual property violators. Next On behalf of our clients, we offer legal support in Claims. IPR lawyers in our Firm ensure various legal services involved to protect your business.

Our law firm is known as the best Copyright legal consultants, Top Patent Lawyers, Good Trademark registration attorneys in Chennai. 

Lawyers for Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property services are different types and even more. Lawyers of our law firm offer IPR legal services for Product and services. Mean while, Our Advocates provide IPR Advice and litigation services. The IPR are trademarks, copyright law, Patent and design rights. Saravvanan & Sathish Advocates are well experienced in intellectual property right protection. We protect against copying of Chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and packaging industries by competitors. Especially these services are for various industries including Information technology industries. Now a days software companies seek Lawyers to protect their innovations.

Contact details of Law firm for Intellectual property rights : +91-9994287060
Area of Practice | Best Advocates Firm

Area of Practice | Best Advocates Firm

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Top Lawyers practice in Madras high court at Chennai. Firstly Established in 2001, Best Advocates firm is one of the most seasoned and biggest Indian law offices. In fact, Joining a rich legacy of over a decade with an advanced and bleeding edge rehearse. This law Firm offers full administration legitimate answers for our local and worldwide customers. Most of all, The Firm’s try has been to be proactive and surpass customer desires. Perhaps, We take pride in our way to deal with work that spotlights on comprehension customers’ business and envisioning. Basically It is for their legitimate needs (present and future) and give sober minded and business arrangements.

Best Attorneys for Legal Consultancy & Opinion.

The Firm has progressively put resources into the best in class foundation offices over every one of its workplaces. Of course, We always endeavor to develop and receive worldwide best practices to serve our customers better. Moreover, The accentuation is to guarantee our customers have entry to a reliably high caliber of administration over every one of its areas and practice regions.

Area of Practice in Our Law Firm

By the way, Best Advocates firm’s clients incorporate business and money related undertakings. In addition, banks, budgetary establishments, private value reserves, government bodies, instructive and altruistic trusts, social organizations, high total assets people, and domains and trusts from India especially Chennai, Tamil Nadu and abroad.

Corporate Business Law

Corporate Business Law

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Lawyers for Corporate Law

Business law involves the Company formation firstly. Secondly dissolution and other legal aspects. Moreover it is all for the best administration of corporations. Typical duties of corporate Advocates include mergers and acquisitions. Few other tasks are Internal reorganization or disputes between corporations and individuals concerning liability.  Patents and compliance with Indian law as well as international accords are other duties.


Retainer-ship will be a better idea for company lawyer advice. Fees will high for each consultation. Reduce the Cost by just hiring a senior counsel in monthly basis fees. Senior Advocates are especially required for unexpected Defamation cases. Here Free consultation and company can pay only for cases or legal notices or Legal Petitions.

Attorneys for Business Law

For Instance Experienced Counsels of Madras high court rectify the legal issues in Companies. District courts attorneys in Tamil Nadu offer litigation services for small business. We are one of the Top 10 Corporate law firms for merger and acquisition in India.  Searching for a lawyers for free or Low fees is dangerous. In fact Wise people prefer to get legal advice only from experienced advocates. Basically Corporate business should be careful in choosing the Attorneys for company litigation.

From the Best Corporate Law firm in India

Our Chennai Advocates for Corporate offers best legal services

The Law services provided are Property litigation, Debt Recovery, and employment law. Apart from these IPR is our major work for business services. They are patent rights, copy rights and all other Intellectual property rights in India.

Just Find the best Genuine Lawyers in India : +91-9994287060

The best part of a corporate Advocate is to give lawful exhorts and mindfulness on Company Law. He likewise guarantees the lawfulness of all the business exchanges. It happens suitably in the firm. So it is exceedingly key to have an in-house corporate Attorney. Particularly That is to know about each and every development.

In-house Corporate Attorney in Chennai
When you have an in-house Corporate Advocate, it'll will supportive from various perspectives :

He will be the sole reason in shaping and arranging the center firm. He assumes liability of drafting the shareholder understandings and letters of joining. Furthermore get ready articles that speak to the authoritative document of your organization.

Best Business Lawyers in Chennai

The in-house corporate Attorney figures out how to get permit and allow issues. Besides the administrative consistence for your association is likewise acquired. He takes care of the nearby, government and state laws for Your Company.  Most of all, They direct your business from many points of view. He guarantees so that your business runs easily.  In fact They maintain a strategic distance from fines and many such legitimate intrusions. You won’t have the same solace level with your independent Advocate.

Corporate legal Consultants

Accomplice with a greater firm or entering an arrangement with another organization is unavoidable. It is vital to counsel to your Business lawyer. The Advocate additionally eliminates any confusion air on benefit sharing. Here they ought to take after the terms and conditions. This can keep away from different perplexities and issues at last.

Any business contract must be legitimately authoritative. So what the essential assignment of your in-house corporate legal consultant ?. Of-Course it would be to draft a legitimate archive. It ought to enforceable business contracts.

When you have an in-house attorney, he will secure your image picture. He takes control over the cases and case issues, which is one of the real dangers to an organization of any size!