Neighbour nuisance

Neighbour nuisance

Neighbour nuisance is not common few decades before. Since India is a country where people lived in Joined families. Drastic change in society and growth in population is main reason for neighbourhood disputes.

Advocates for Neighbour nuisance Cases in India.

Legal issues between People is increasing in Locations like Chennai. one should never ignore disputes when it is little. Still Madras is a good metropolitan city in India. Communal clashes are very less compared to other cities in our Nation. Most of the problem will arise due to silly reasons. Many problems such as Vehicle parking, disturbance of Pets and domestic animals, fencing issues, noise pollution, drainage, garbage disposal, construction activities, set back in building, fixing of windows, etc  will initiate the litigation of nuisance.

How to over come a Nuisance Neighbour ?.

Never get angry or quarrel when you face a problem of an Anti-social behaviour neighbour. It is a Wrong doing to individual or a community. An angry argument will lead to disagreement and there after becomes Serious. Difference of opinion is common everywhere. One should be tolerant to accept their neigbour’s opinions. Litigation have to be initiated when the civil rights are blocked. We are the best lawyers in chennai for Nuisance Cases.

Lawyers for Neighbourhood Nuisance (Private & Public) in Chennai.

Private nuisance is disturbance for a individual. Normally a property will be possesed by a land owner or a lease holder. If any body tresspasses a property which is under a owner or tenant’s possession.

The quiet enjoyment must not be destroyed. The interferance in the enjoyment will spoil the peacefulness. It is an offense to be sued. Our Attorneys will get a Justice against nuisance – annoyance or trouble. These problems may occur for making a noise, spreading odour, air or water pollution or any type of hazard.

Throwing a garbage in the next door is an offense. One can sue for those activities. You need not have to worry and tolerate those disturbances.

Public nuisance is a disturbing activity of a group or a community. If an industry pollutes by emitting smokes, the company may be sued. It is a health Hazardous for public people.

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How to file a Nuisance case in Chennai ?.

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